Thursday, 23 April 2009

"Danny Nightingale" Get Buzzy Ambition Coach & "SHODAN SPORTS"

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" KIDS are OUR Future " - Give them 21st Century Finacial Education !

Joe Estrada - After 35 years in the workforce, 25 years in business' and 16 years teaching "How to improve your life with 21st century education...for every area of life" - I realised that this should be taught in childhood.
TWO simple things the "skill" of achieving what you want, your goals and financal education in the way of M.S.I.'s - Multiple Sources of Income.
Of the 1000's of people I've spoken to most agree with this, but teach what ?
Thats what I formed "Get Buzzy Education" to do find 21st century answers for our childrens futures...and I found that they are out there !!!
I ask you to come on this success journey...of destinations for our kids.
Live, Love and Laugh A LOT !!!
Joe Estrada (Mr GOALS & M.S.I.'s )